Mary - Terravita: "We didn't realize that our pool could be kept so clean. We have had the same service for years but when we finally decided to change we wondered what took us so long to cancel a mediocre service. Kevin and the other professionals that have serviced our pool are always neat, reliable and friendly. I highly recommend Black Mountain Pool Service!"

Sandra - Carefree: "We have been incredibly happy with kevin and BMPS. In the past it seemed like the pool services we have had were more interested in selling new stuff and charging ridiculous rates. Black mountain is very professional and have performed our required repairs promptly with reasonable charges. Our pool is also kept very clean on a weekly basis."

Kim - Desert Mountain: "We had been having a difficult time with repairs being performed correctly and promptly. Kevin has extensive knowledge of pool equipment and is able to resolve problems with everything from pumps to heaters. He has been extremely helpful in other areas as well and always goes the extra mile."

Joyce - Pinnacle Peak Estates: "Our pool hadn't been as clean as we wanted due to debris and all the vegetation around the pool. When we changed service to Black Mountain, they came in and fixed equipment that was faulty, recommended changing the cleaner, and our pool has been spotless ever since. We are exceedingly happy with the service."

David - Silver Leaf: "I have used Black Mountain Pool Service for over a year now. I own two properties with pools. One property has a pool of about 17,000 gallons and as well as a Jacuzzi and my other home has just a Jacuzzi. The service is done weekly and my pools are always clean. I have also needed to replace a heater, repair a fountain pump and fix a leak. All three projects were done in a timely matter and the equipment runs perfectly now. I would suggest Black Mountain Pool Service to anyone."

Karen - Tatum Highlands: "At the time my pool was installed, it was the largest residential pool Paddock had ever built. I had gone through several different pool services until I met Kevin at Black Mountain Pool Service. Keeping such a large pool clean is quite the task, but Black Mountain Pool Service has kept it clean since I hired them. Not only have they kept my pool clean, but they also had to service my 2 huge sand filters. Now, every summer my kids don't have to worry about algae or other common pool keep up problems."

Kyle - Tatum Ranch: "This year I needed to do an acid wash, get a new vacuum, a new filter and a new motor installed for my pool. After I had researched a few different pool guys, I found that Black Mountain Pool Service gave me the most reasonably priced quote.  They came out and completed all the work in a weekend. After getting all the new equipment installed they realized my skimmer was having issues. Although, they weren't able to do this pool deck work and skimmer job themselves, they referred to me to a reliable company that could. Now my whole pool system is running great and is clean just in time for summer swimming."